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Helping producers make a credible and positive first impression on prospects, referrals, leads and strategic alliances- while leaving a lasting impression on existing clients.

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The preeminent cloud‐based solution for servicing new and existing client accounts across all senior market products- with lead, client, carrier, and quoting data all in one platform.

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Through our Proactive Service Model™- Our team of licensed, contracted, certified and experienced agents deliver reactive service, retention, up-selling and cross-selling solutions across 50 states. Empowering the business owner with the time necessary to continue building their vision.

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The right technology creates time for you and your staff ‐ to focus on what you do best. We operate alongside you in this business and understand the inefficiencies.

To learn more about how our platform uncovers revenue opportunities in your book, check out our Technology section and reach out to a ProDash Consultant today.


In our business, the personal touch still matters. We can help you design your own high‐touch experience‐ or seamlessly deliver a brand‐integrated, proactive service model for your practice. The choice ‐ and the benefits ‐ are yours.

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