ProDash Service FAQ


  • ProDash has been a model for producers to unlock the maximum value of their book of business
  • The ProDash model utilizes technology (senior market CRM), licensed staff (agents licensed in all 50 states), and a transparent process
  • Producers will be paid on the 15th of each month
  • 50% of our Revenues on FYC + REN
  • Bonuses Based on Volume
  • Any chargeback would be debited from the following month's payment
ProDash has the infrastructure to scale alongside any organization
  • Producers will have access to a CRM that is dedicated to thei book of business
  • With a log-in, the producer can utilize the CRM features and track all client data
  • The ProDash system utilizes 2-way bank level encryption
  • We offer written non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Licensed Agents (AHIP Certified) will work with a producer's clients
  • The agents are licensed in 50 states and all communication is recorded for quality assurance and CMS (centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) guidelines
  • A producer will be able to track client communication in the CRM (Client Profile History)